Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Books

Here's my September reads:

The Last Witness by Denzil Meyrick - this is Denzil's second book and I loved it as much as Whisky from Small Glasses.  Many of the characters are the same from the first book.  

James Machie's criminal empire was spreading outwith Glasgow before he was arrested and sent to prison.  He was assassinated in the back of an ambulance not long after being sentenced.  Five years on he's alive and well and set on punishing those who brought him down starting with his old associates who have made new lives for themselves and their families.  DCI Jim Daley and his colleague DS Brian Scott are also in the firing line having being key to his conviction.  The race is on to find Machie before he kills once more...

The One I was by Eliza Graham - Rosamund Hunter is a nurse to those leaving life.  She returns to Fairfleet, a country house where her grandmother lived to care for Benny Gault who is dying.  He is a former Kindertransport refugee from Nazi Germany.  Both Benny and Eliza are carrying secrets which are connected. A really bittersweet but memorable book. 

Pop Goes the Weasel - M J Arlidge - Matthew's eagerly awaited second part in the DI Helen Grace series.  I loved it as much as his first book Eeny Meeny. A man's body is found in a derelict house used by prostitutes and drug addicts. His heart has been cut out and delivered to his family.  DI Helen Grace and the team race to find the serial killer preying on men who lead double lives... Fast and action packed - I loved this book.  Cannot wait for the third in the series which is out in February next year.

My final book this month is Gin Glorious Gin: How Mother's Ruin became the Spirit of London by Olivia Williams - a fascinating and interesting read into the history of gin from Georgian London through to Cocktail Bars in the West End to the present day and the huge amount of brands now available. A brilliant read I just couldn't put it down and the perfect companion to a G&T.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I read Eeny Meeny after your review and loved it so the follow up is on my wish list. I love history books too so Gin Glorious Gin appeals a lot. Thanks for another great set of reviews Sandra x

    1. oh thanks Annie! I'm sure you'd love the second one and Gin Glorious Gin is really interesting x

  2. I couldn't track down Whisky from Small Glasses, but keep looking. Pop Goes The Weasel is on my wish list too x

    1. It doesn't seem to be available at the moment due to technical and contractual difficulties. Keep an eye out here - for availability. You'll love it! x