Thursday, 30 October 2014

October Books

Here's what I've been reading in October - 

Stealing Power by Bo Brennan - a fab first novel!  Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt is star of New Scotland Yard and everyone loves him..well apart from a serial rapist who for the last few years has been sending him DVDs of his crimes as well as to his victims who have no recollection of the rape due to being drugged.  All goes quiet and a year later Colt receives a new one which takes him back to this hometown of Winchester.

Detective India Kane, a private person with a temper is unhappy when DCI Colt appears on the scene to take over her investigation.  It is interesting watching the relationship which develops between India and Colt. Fast moving story with lots of twists and turns. I didn't see the ending coming! Great read.

Baby Snatchers by Bo Brennan - this is the second novel in the Colt/Kane trilogy.

School Teacher Terri is unhappy to find out that her star pupil has been left home alone. She enlists the help of India to find out what has happened to her mum.  They find out that she's been sectioned and her new baby has disappeared.  This is quite a disturbing novel as it features a predatory paedophile ring, missing girls, the family court system and corrupt social services.  Again, Colt as Head of the Met's Paedophile Unit and Kane's cases become embroiled...

The Wedding Speech by Isabelle Broom - this teeny tiny book is only 22 pages long!  Ed has been best friends with Billy for years. He knew he'd ask him to be his best man when he married Amelia.  There is a twist in the tale I didn't see coming.

Just what kind of mother are you? by Paula Daly - Kate's 13 year old daughter Lucinda is meant to be having a sleepover at her friend Sally's house. Lisa, a working mum with too many things on her plate takes the eye off the ball and forgets to let Kate know the sleepover has been cancelled.  Lucinda is missing and Lisa gets the blame...

Hunted (Dividing Line #7) by Heather Atkinson - Ryan and Rachel have to put moving back to their home off when a body is discovered in the garden. With the police taking too long to come to any conclusions Ryan, Battler and Bruiser do a bit of detective work themselves and discover some secrets. Someone is kidnapped and Mikey, Jez and Jules arrive.  Jules has some secrets of her own she doesn't want to be uncovered.  Katia is hoping for her own revenge. Great characters and scary plot.  Can't wait for book #8.

Hush Little Baby (Jefferson Winter Chronicles) by James Carol - FBI profiler Yoko Tanaka is going to help out at a case in Tampa, Florida and takes Jefferson Winter along for the ride.  Three mothers and daughters have been murdered in their homes and they are looking for the Sandman but of course there is a twist which Jefferson solves. In this book we learn more about Winter, how he feels about having a serial killer for a father, his emotions and get to see a bit more of his character.  I found this an enjoyable read.

What have you been reading this month?

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