Saturday, 8 March 2014

I Promise cards for Mother's Day

I promise is a newish company which has featured in Stylist, Shortlist, The Guardian and The Times.  How it works is that you chose to create promises instead of a present.

You can choose pre-written cards or create your own.  They come packaged in a red or navy case and for every set bought £1 goes to the charity Kids Company.

I chose to create 3 cards* which costs £9.50 including P&P (5 are £14.50 and 10 are £18.50)

Pretty lovely aren't they! You can see the website here and follow on Twitter  

*PR sample


  1. They are super cute :)

  2. Really nice and original :-)x

  3. Wow, love this! Such a thoughtful idea and the first I've heard of it. x

  4. These are just so cute x

  5. Aaww these are so cute! I was wondering what to get my mum the other day so I'll have to look into this :) xx