Sunday, 25 November 2012

Charlotte Flowers Chocolate Advent Calendar 2012

We first tasted Charlotte Flower Chocolates at a luxury cottage for two near Aberfeldy.  The chocolates were delicious.  I've treated myself to the YOU Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar so thought it only fair I get something for hubby.  Last year when I got the amazing Selfridges one I made him one - see here.  

This year I chose this gorgeous chocolate Advent Calendar from Charlotte Flower Chocolates and it arrived last week.

It retails at £15 plus £3 P&P and contains 24 chocolates.  "Cocoa beans vary in taste and character depending on where and how they are grown as well as how they are processed".  The chocolates come from 15 different countries and some are joined by a Scottish flavour - Scot's pine, sea salt, meadowsweet and sea buckthorn to name a few.

There is also a 12 days of Christmas box which is only available the week before Christmas.  You can see this here.  A New Year Selection is also available.

The box comes with a menu card so you know exactly which chocolate you are getting each day.  You can see the website here and follow on Twitter @cocoaflower.


  1. a chocolate calendar is a fantastic idea! I think because I can treat myself once a day, i would be less tempted to snack during the rest of the day. :) x

    1. I know and they all look really interesting x

  2. What a nice idea! I have got Ian an advent calendar from M&S, it's got little sacks on string with chocs in them xx

  3. Great idea for a Christmas present! I would love to receive one myself! xo