Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 4 and 5 - YSL Rouge Pur Couture and Lancome Hypnose Mascara

On Sunday I received a gorgeous mini YSL Rouge Pur Couture - pure colour satiny radiance.  A lovely mini lipstick in a great wearable shade (09).  Very moisturising on the lips and great size for the handbag! Love it!

Today I got a mini (2ml) Lancome Hypnose Volume Mascara in Black - my favourite mascara and a great handbag size.

p.s. I'm off now to check out all the blog posts I've missed over the last couple of days!  Missed catching up with your blogs x


  1. We missed you!! :) hope you had a good away.
    Lovng the mini lipstick. Is it the same colour for every calendar?

  2. I love this calendar, you're getting some gorgeous things! x

  3. @Alex, thanks! I really missed you guys too! It was great apart from getting caught in the snow on the way back brr.. it's cold! I'm not sure if lipstick same colour or not, but its lovely and really moisturising - I'll be checking out the full size ones x

    @Evelyn, its really brilliant - I'm loving it x

  4. a mini ysl lipstick! How cute!!! x

  5. OMG that's so cute!!!
    Love mini cosmetics hahaah

    Looks like an awesome colour!!!

    Missed ya at Heads and Nails =)


  6. Mini cosmetics are so cute!! I've never used any makeup that hasn't been from a drugstore. I bet those are nice products!

    Mabel Time

  7. @blog-a-beauté, its gorgeous, pure luxe x

    @Livia, awwh thank you! It's a really wearable shade and has a lovely texture and feel on the lips x

    @Mabel, its a real nice product, I love drugstore products too though x

  8. I love the lancome mascara too. Mini beauty products are super cute!

  9. @Victoria, This is my favourite mascara at the moment so this wee handbag size is great! (and it lasts for quite a few weeks) x

  10. I got that little lipstick too, and I actually bought my mum the full size in 09 for christmas too! Loving YSL at the moment xx

  11. @Emily Has Dimples x, me too, loving this mini lippy. Sure your mum will love it too x

  12. Haha I'm doing some blog catching up at the mo hence the masses of post on your blog haha I've been very neglectful of the blogs I follow recently been really busy with Christmas!

    I love the packing and colour of the lipstick you got Xx

  13. @Claire Louise, its a fab colour with great packaging and definitely one I'd buy full size x