Sunday, 18 December 2016

Favourite Books 2016: The First 6 Months

Now I knew this post was going to be SO hard to write as I've read so many amazing books this year. I'm going to do this in two batches January-June's are here..

I've limited to a generous five (six in April) or less every month as I couldn't pick only one per month!

You can see what I read in January HERE (14 books) and my stand-out reads were:

In February I read twelve books - see my book roundup HERE. Must reads include:

Coming into March I read nine books. See my monthly review HERE. My favourites were:

In April, I read ten books. Read my monthly roundup HERE. This was the month I discovered Angela Marson's amazing series and read the first three. See my favourites here:

 In May I read five books. See my monthly review HERE. My picks are:

Nearly there! In June I read four books (link) and my favourites were (haha all of them!)

What's books have been stand out reads for you this year? Do we share any favourites?

*images from Good Reads

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