Friday, 12 August 2016

Lotus Wei: Truth Teller Flower Powered Lip Balm

I recently purchased Lotus Wei's Truth Teller Flower Powered Lip Balm (£7 - 5g) from Naturisimo. It came packaged in an organza bag and had the information card above enclosed. 

This is only the second product I've tried from the brand. The first one was their Infinite Love Mist (mini review). I definitely want to explore this brand more.

This lip balm is infused with flower remedies which help you speak your truth and also contains rose oil and a herbal colorant to give your lips a little tint. 

Trumpet Vine Flower is good for fearlessness and helps you feel at ease (public speaking anyone?), Californian Glory Flower gives you a bigger voice and more confidence to be yourself while Grevillea helps you to say what needs to be said without hurting anyone's feelings and speaking freely.

I've found I can detect a rose scent when I need a bit more confidence but don't notice it when I don't! 

The balm deeply nourishes and cares for the lips and I'll definitely buy again! Have you tried it? What's your favourite Lotus Wei product?

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