Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A.S APOTHECARY: Mineral Powder #2, Cleansing Oil #5 & Facial Serum #3

Amanda very kindly sent me some of her beautiful products just before Christmas. I've been enjoying using the Mineral Powder #2* both as an exfoliator mixed with Cleansing Oil #5* (review) and as a mask mixed with a floral hydrosol.

The Mineral Powder #2 is a combination of Argyll Green Clay, Hebridean Kelp, healing flowers and wild gathered herbs which decongests, brightens and heals blemishes leaving the skin radiant and renewed.

To use as an exfoliator: mix a small amount of powder with the cleansing oil until a paste is formed. Apply to the skin in circular movements before rinsing with warm water.

To use as a mask: mix a little of the powder with a floral hydrosol or A.S APOTHECARY Geranium Cleansing Water until it forms a loose paste. Apply to the skin, leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.

The little ceramic bowl and spoon* is an absolute delight. The spoon is made by local ceramist, Emily Ticehurst and has a tiny hand added on the back with the words "truth" and "love". It makes the treatment into a very special ritual.

Facial Serum #3* is one of the most indulgent and luxurious facial serums I've ever used! It's suitable for all skin types and hydrates and heals leaving the skin glowy and nourished. It's made with petals, leaves, stems and fruit which is organically grown or gathered in Sussex and Cyprus.

Rosehip oil is great to help to reduce wrinkles and a powerful antioxidant, Arnica helps with healing, Meadowsweet conditions, Calendula and Hypericum heals and Pumpkin oil helps to reduce wrinkles. The three essential oils it contains are Myrrh, Rose and Labdanum.

To use: apply a few drops of serum to the fingertips and massage into the skin in circular movements. 

Have you used any A.S. Apothecary products before?



  1. I am really looking forward to giving these a proper test, I had so many lovely unexpected gifts come through the door at Christmas I haven't managed to yet. The serum in particular sounds wonderful Xx

    1. You are really going to enjoy them Ana! Same slowly getting round to testing and reviewing x