Tuesday, 15 December 2015

de Mamiel Altitude Oil

I've had this little bottle of de Mamiel's Altitude Oil (£26 for 10ml) quite a few months now. I carry it around in my make up bag constantly which is why it's looking a little battered!

As with all of Annee's products this little multi-tasking elixir which is hand blended in the UK just works. It clears the mind, boosts the immune system and is a great little pick-me-up when feeling frazzled.

Breathe in and feel all your worries diminish - it clears your head, gives a lift during long days stuck at your desk, protects against breathing in bugs when travelling on busy planes, trains and buses and helps with cold and flu symptoms in winter and hayfever in summer.

Lavender calms and relaxes, Peppermint lifts, Pine & Eucalyptus decongest and clears the head, Patchouli grounds, and Fragonia protects from infections and keeps the immune system boosted.

To use:
  • Sprinkle a few drops on a tissue and inhale or place a drop under each nostril
  • Inhale deeply straight from the bottle to clear your head and stimulate the senses

Have you used Altitude Oil before?


  1. I think I need this! Xx

    1. It''s amazing stuff Ana! Nothing I haven't liked from de Mamiel x

  2. This product is on my Cult Beauty wishlist. I definitely need it for travelling.