Thursday, 24 September 2015

Spending Ban: Updates & Wants #5

I picked up a staple product for me in the Tabitha James Kraan sale (£15.50 plus P&P). I use it every single day and at that great price it had to be bought!

Onto my wants this week:

Narynda Face Care Pack (£7.50) - I'm always a sucker for try me sizes and this little set is great! It contains cleanser, toner, face & body scrub, day cream and night cream - see my reviews of the cleanser, toner and day cream HERE*. I'm also keen to pick up the Body Care Pack (£5.50) (the heel balm is ace!)

Staying on the travel sizes...

I spotted this little Autumn Mini Treats set at LJ's Natural Solutions (£9.95) - it includes - 30ml Autumn Uplift Organic Body Oil, 5g Balancing Organic Moisturiser, 5g Organic Deep Cleansing Balm and 3g OMG Serum.

I was also tempted by (but didn't) an email offer from Naturisimo which was a free sample pack with any with purchase and included samples from: Spiezia, John Masters Organics, Inlight, Estelle & Thild and Patyka. Sign up for Beauty Alerts at the bottom of the main webpage.

I'm finding the spending ban fairly easy but I know there are going to be lots and lots of wants in the run up to Christmas! If you are on a spending ban how is it going?

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