Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September Books

Untouchable - Ava Marsh* - I simply loved this fast paced and gritty debut novel. Stella is an escort who enjoys the life she's chosen and most of the men she has sex with. When a fellow call girl and friend is murdered Stella can't help but get involved. She wants to find out what happened to Amanda and get justice for her friend. 

An exciting story full of murder, revenge and blackmail. We also find out more about Stella including her past and possible future. A great read would recommend.

Having recently loved Peter's latest novel Chance (review) I picked up Ticket and wasn't disappointed.  Paul who is living the corporate life out a suitcase meets a young woman on a train who seems down on her luck. He pays for her train ticket and she insists on paying him back. He wakes up the next morning with her dead body beside him...he has no idea how this happened and goes on the run to try and find out who has set him up. Fast paced and thrilling. A great read.

The Murders at White House Farm - Carol Ann Lee* - Thirty years on from the murders at White House Farm Carol Ann lee draws on new research and correspondence with Jeremy Bamber taking us through the investigation and trial. A very well researched and detailed book. 

My Everything - Katie Marsh - A simply stunning debut novel. If you like Jojo Moyes you'll love Katie's book. 

Hannah's relationship with her husband Tom has broken down and she is planning on leaving him. But fate intervenes, Tom who has a high powered corporate job has a stroke and their lives are changed forever.  He has to learn to do everything again - eat, walk, talk, use his phone etc. Tom re-evaluates his life and is determined to save his marriage. He's now also more like the Tom that Hannah used to know. 

She was planning on going to teach in Tanzania before Tom became ill. His sister Jules is a prickly character who I loved reading about. Tom realises he has to let Hannah go for her to come back to him...Brilliant book which I keep telling everyone to go and buy! Can't wait for Katie's next book.

Bride without a Groom - Amy Lynch* - Rebecca is self-obsessed in the extreme (and totally annoying) as well as being determined to marry her long suffering boyfriend Barry. They split up over her obsessing about her wedding (he's not even proposed yet) and he heads off on a business trip where he finds himself in bed with his colleague, Shelley. Wracked with guilt he decides to propose on his return. 

I found Becks very annoying and at times heartless and uncaring.  There are a few laugh out loud moments though.

Liar Liar (DI Helen Grace Thriller) - M J Arlidge - this is the fourth novel in the DI Helen Grace series. An arsonist is on the loose and the attacks seem to be loosely connected. Businesses and homes are being targeted. As the deaths toll mounts up the race is on to find the killer. 

Fast paced with punchy short chapters. Lots of twists and turns and I didn't see who was guilty until it was right upon us. Fantastic read. Go buy!

Nashville Eats - Jennifer Justus* - This is one of these books I want to own in hardcover! It's simply beautiful and I absolutely loved it. It's full of wonderful anecdotes with music recommendations for each chapter. Some recipes I really want to try are - beaten biscuits, hot chicken, jalepeno cornbread, squash casserole, fried green tomatoes, bourbon sweet potatoes, pepper peach preserve, Blackberry, Honey, Black pepper & Thyme jam (this sounds incredible), watermelon rind pickle and Sweet Tea, honey. A really beautiful book. 

All Through the Night - M P Wright** - Mark's second novel in the JT Ellington Trilogy is not out until next year but I got a sneaky preview. See my mini review of Heartman HERE.

Without giving too much away the second part is simply un-put-downable. It's a fast paced read with many twists and turns. Some of my favourite characters are back - Mrs Pearse, Loretta, Cousin Vic and Uncle Gabe & Aunt Pearl along with some new faces.

JT takes on a job which he believes will be straightforward but it turns out to be anything but! A thrilling read with an ending I didn't see coming! When I'm allowed I'll do a fuller review.

The Last Embrace - Pam Jenoff* - August 1940 and Addie is sent to stay with her aunt & uncle from her home in Italy. She initially finds the US strange but makes friends with a family down at the shore who are also on holiday. They live nearby in Atlantic City and become friends. Addie falls head over heels for Charlie and they plan to be together after the war. But fate intervenes. She leaves home to work in Washington and then London and a chance meeting with Charlie stirs up all these emotions and they spend one glorious night together before it all falls apart.  

Addie heads back home to the States to be with her aunt after her uncle's death and meets up with Liam, the brother who caused the death of his younger sibling. It has a surprise ending which I didn't see coming. Loved it.

The Burning (Maeve Kerrigan #1) - Jane Casey - Maeve Kerrigan is an ambitious DC determined to make her mark. The case of The Burning Man is one she is keen to be a part of solving. The 5th victim doesn't seem to be the work of "the burning man" and Maeve is determined to find out who is responsible.  Loved the characters and great storylines. Can't wait to read more in the series.

What have you been reading this month?

*copies from netgalley
**copy from the author


  1. Liar Liar by M J Arlidge is on my list of books to read. I am impressed with how many you have read x

    1. It's a good one! I read on/to the bus to work and for too long before bed! x