Sunday, 13 July 2014

SBC Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream

SBC's Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream (100ml - £29)* is rich but easily absorbed cream which can be used AM and PM after cleansing and toning. It recently launched on 1 June.

The cream contains Oxysomes brightening Vitamins C and refining E and it helps to firm, moisturise and add radiance to dull skin.

It contains Tomato Seed Oil which is rich in Omega 6, anti-oxidant Olive Oil, soothing Fennel Oil blended with Vitamin A.

To use: massage onto the face and neck for radiant and moisturised skin. Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream has a fresh scent and absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling comfortable and deeply moisturised.

Have you tried this cream?  What's your favourite SBC product?

*PR sample


  1. I have never tried this product but looks fab. I have heard so much about SBC but have never tried the range x

    1. It's really lovely would recommend x

  2. Replies
    1. It's fab and smells gorgeous! x