Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Content Summer Wellbeing Collection

This lovely little set has been put together for Content's Summer Wellbeing Festival.  It is limited edition so grab it while you can! - see more info here. I received their Love collection for my birthday which I just loved!  This set is great value at £18 and it contains a collection for the mind, body and soul.

It is packed full of goodies!

Therapi Honey Skincare 5ml samples of Rose Otto Honey Gel Cleanser & Moisturiser (I've tried the Orange Blossom range and loved it) (link).

Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser 50ml - huge fan of this and a great size to be included in the set (review).

The Wellbeing Guide to London Handbook - this is stuffed full of the healthiest places to go, eat, with advice from leading wellbeing practictioners, keeping fit and feeling calm. I'll be marking off places to go when in London next.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil sample - I've been wanting to try this body oil since it was recently launched. Know it will be lovely as I'm a huge fan of the range you can see previous reviews herehere and here. Edit: It is amazing! Full size is already on my wishlist!

Ambre Botanicals Mango & Carrot Seed Extra Concentrated Hand Cream 15ml - I'm a huge fan of this brand also having reviewed their gentle face soap and body butter here.  Already tried this and I love it!

Tata Harper Irritability Aromatic Treatment sample - this calms and relaxes.

Punch Foods Super Seeds - a tube of delicious sounding snack seeds with smoked paprika and cayenne. Looking forward to trying these out!

Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein in Chocolate flavour - useful for anyone who wants to boost their health and fitness.

Four Sigma Sport Herbal Sachet - contains herbs which help your body go the extra mile.

I'm looking forward to trying everything out. Do you think you'll pick up this little set or have you already?


  1. Ooh lots of lovely bits there! x

    1. I agree! The seeds are delicious too :) x

  2. Nice collection! still need to try the Pai cleanser :-)x

  3. I've never heard any of these, thank you for sharing ^^ The Pai skincare looks interesting.


    1. No problem. A great little try me set x

  4. What a fab box of goodies! Love the sound of the Ambre Botanicals ;) xx

    1. I know! You'd love Ambre Botanicals. Full size of the hand cream is already on my wishlist! x