Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Books

Well I've excelled myself this month and read a whole series! I seem to be racing through books on the kindle.  Here's what I've been reading -

Behind a Closed Door by Mel Sherratt (The Estate #2) - the second book mainly features Josie Mellor, the local Housing Officer. It follows the story of some of her tenants and the troubles in her own life.  A great read.

Fighting for Survival by Mel Sherratt (The Estate #3) - Caren Williams finds herself back on the estate and finds herself and her husband living across from her old enemy Gina Bradley. The story features some of the other residents of Stanley Avenue - Ruth Millington who is struggling to bring up her boys and with life, the twins Rachel & Claire and Gina's nosy mother.  Some characters really turn their lives and personalities round. Some sad moments too. A real page turner.

Taunting the Dead by Mel Sherratt - Steph Ryder was on a night out when she was attacked. They say 9 out of 10 murders are committed by someone the person knows.  DS Allie Shenton decides to begin her investigation close to home.  A great read with interesting characters and lots of twists and turns.

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott - this book had me on the edge of my seat! Olivia Brooks calls the police when her husband and children are missing. She fears the worst as it is not the first tragedy which has touched her life.  DCI Tom Douglas is called to investigate.  Her husband is found and arrives back with the children saying it was all a misunderstanding. Two years later Olivia disappears with the children although evidence suggests she was at home. Her car is in the garage, her purse in her handbag and everything seems normal... 

Broken Dolls by James Carol - super spooky read.  This is the first book in the Jefferson Winter series.  Ex FBI star profiler Jefferson Winter is haunted by his serial killer father.  He is called to London by DI Mark Hatcher to help to crack the case of a sadistic serial killer.  His victims are young women who he tortures and lobotomises but doesn't kill leaving them unable to live normal lives.  Another woman goes missing and the race is on to find her. An unputdownable creepy read.

I have also read the whole Dividing Line series 1-6 by Heather Atkinson. 

I totally loved the series. It features gangster families the McGuires and the Laws.  Great characters and storylines. If you like Martina Cole you'll love this series.  

Book #1 Dividing Line is about the families at war and the wedding of Rachel to Danny McGuire.  Book #2 Divided Loyalties Rachel and Danny are at the top of their game working in conjunction with old enemies the Laws. Disaster is round the corner and Rachel is all out to get revenge. 

In Book #3 A Family Divided Rachel and husband Ryan Law with their children are trying to turn their back on their criminal pasts by setting up legitimate businesses. But they need to turn to crime once again to help family ties. 

Book #4 Fractured a tragic death brings them back to Manchester and to a volatile Alex McGuire who is blaming everything that's gone wrong on Rachel Law.  Rachel is kidnapped and Ryan does everything possible to defend his family.  

In book #5 Shattered Alex plots to kill his enemies once and for all. Book #6 - Aftermath sees Ryan's two half sisters turn up and turn their lives upside down again. Katia (Alex's ex-Mistress) who is violently grieving for Alex gives birth to two boys Alex and Daniel.

Dividing Lines Origins by Heather Atkinson - this features the main characters in the series pre-Dividing Line.  You get to know more about each character, their personalities and incidents which moulded them into people they have become (Ryan Law, Rachel Thomas, Mikey McGuire, Jules Parker, Battler & Bruiser, Frankie McVey, Riley Cutter, Estelle Law and Frank & Martina McGuire).  It is a great read.  Heather is currently writing #7 - can't wait!

Closing in by Susan Fortin - this follows Ellen who has left everything behind. She moves to Dorset becoming a nanny to a Criminal Psychologist's child. Strange things begin to happen and Ellen wonders if her past is catching up with her. Easy reading and slightly creepy.

My final book this month is The Unthinkable who Survives when Disaster Strikes and Why by Amanda Ripley.  This book is full of real life disasters and how those who survived them reacted and coped.  It focuses on the psychology of the human mind in stressful situations. Amanda talked to phychologists, risk analysts and survivors.  One story which stood out for me was of Rick Rescorla, Head of Security at Morgan Stanley who saved so many lives on 9/11. He made sure as many staff members as possible made it out the building.  Sadly he lost his life saving others.  The book helps you to be more aware and to help you make better decisions if you are ever in a disaster situation.  A thought provoking read.

What have you been reading this month?


  1. Hi Sandra, thank you so much for reading Closing In and I'm delighted you enjoyed. I'm flattered for the mention.

    1. Hi Sue, it was a great read and had me burning the midnight oil! Look forward to your next book x

  2. I have hardly had time to read this month. I loved broken dolls x

    1. I'm sometimes like that too. Thanks again for the recommendation x

  3. Mel Sherratt is fantastic, I've read all of her books so far and she has some more coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled!!