Thursday, 29 May 2014

Yours Truly Organics

Kelita Bignall, founder of Yours Truly Organics recently very kindly sent me her skincare range which is suitable for Combination/Oily skins.  She suffered mild acne in her teens to early twenties and decided to create her own range. 

I love that she is so passionate about her natural and organic skincare range which is EcoCert certified, Vegetarian Society and Cruelty Free approved - "these products work they really do".

Take it away! Gel Cleanser (150ml - £22)* - the cleanser is enriched with Vitamin C and Sandalwood Oil. It removes impurities and leaves the skin soft and clean.  I initially found this a little bit drying on my skin but with continued use it has balanced my oily t-zone.  It comes in a pump action bottle and it is my favourite morning time face wash. The cleanser has a fruity scent.

Balancing Toner (150ml - £19)* - this is my favourite product from the range. A refreshing mist which contains soothing aloe vera and Witch Hazel. It helps return skin to its optimal pH level. It has a citrus scent which is lovely.

Fix Me! Repairing Serum (30ml - £28)* - the serum smoothes, repairs and tightens the skin (you can really feel it working!) It contains oat kernal, sesame seed extract and and saw palmetto which reduces inflamation and keeps blemishes at bay. You only need to use a small amount of the serum. Again, I really like this product.

Face Base Face Balm (100ml - £25)* - rather than a balm this is a rich moisturiser which absorbs easily into the skin. First time I tried it I used too much. Like the serum you don't need to use a lot.  It contains Pea and Daisy Flower extracts which improve elasticity, regulate sebum and brighten the skin.  Again the scent is lovely and refreshing and it leaves the skin nourished and calm.

Have you tried anything from the range?



  1. I like the idea of a pump bottle, makes things a little easier. The serum sounds good x

    Honey Go-Lightly

    1. Me too especially easier for morning shower x

  2. I'm the same as you - the toner was favourite! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. :) I just love nice toners. This is one I'd buy x

  3. I really love this brand as a whole, we will be writing a very positive review soon- the serum is amazing and the toner smells like Fruit Pebbles! So awesome! I think the tub of balm will really last a LONG time, which is nice. Lovely products, happy with the results! - Kathryne

  4. I like the toner & serum the most too :) not so keen on the cleanser but the moisturiser is nice too x