Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nature Perfect Vitamin Boost DIY Kit

Natania at Nature Perfect recently got in touch with me to see if I'd like to try one of her Clay Kits.  She sent me the Vitamin Boost DIY Kit* (£21) and a Face Mask Blending Kit (£5.99) - (which includes a mixing bowl and spatula).

Natania Jones the founder is a Beauty Therapist and Nutritionist. Products are free from SLS, Parabens, Mineral Oils, phthalates, synthetics and there is no animal testing.  Ingredients are Soil Association approved and Organic and Fair Trade where possible. 10% of sales go to charity.

Included is:

100g Bentonite Clay - powdered sedimentary clay which comes from ancient deposits of volcanic ash.  It is rich in magnesium. As well as using it for your mask to deep cleanse the skin it can be used as a tooth whitener - press toothbrush into clay and brush gently onto the teeth or in the bath for a deep cleansing soak.

50g Cranberry Powder - stuffed full of Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and B3. It protects against environmental damage, helps with cell regeneration and fights free radicals.  This can be used with the clay or as a mini mask mixed with the Orange Flower Water.

100ml Orange Flower Water - this smells simply gorgeous! It awakens the skin, brightens and tones.  This can also be used as a toner or face spritzer.

100g Camellia Seed Oil - a light and easily absorbed oil which is rich in Vitamin A which regenerates the skin.  If you add it to your mask it will make it non-drying. This can also be used on its own to moisturise the skin.

Combine: 1tsp Clay, 1tsp Cranberry Powder, 1tbs Orange Flower Water - or enough to make a paste.  Add 1tsp of Camellia Oil to make the mask non-drying. Then apply to face and neck (I use the spatula to apply it) avoiding eyes/lips. Leave on 10-20 minutes while soaking in the bath.  Rinse, tone with the Orange Flower Water and moisturise with the Camellia Seed Oil.

I like that you can mix your own mask as to your requirements. I've really been enjoying experimenting.  You can also buy the products individually see here.

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*PR sample


  1. I love these products its such a great idea being able to buy all the products you need to make your own face mask all in one set! and I love that theres so many combinations too!

  2. I tried the Anti-Ageing kit and really like it. I think I would like to try this one as well as it has Bentonite Clay x