Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Empties

Here's what I've been using up in January -

Just be Tranquil Body & Massage Oil 30ml - I love this light and calming oil. See my review here. I'm sure to pick this up again once I get through some of my stash!

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo 60ml & Conditioner 60ml - I received these in a Souk Souk box. My first try from this brand. These are suitable for all hair types and I did enjoy using them. I'd like to try products for dry/damaged/coloured hair next.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist 50ml & 1 x 15ml - I simply love this and I repurchase it time and time again.  See my review here

Stila One Step Skintone Correcting Brightening Serum 30ml - I received this in the very first Selfridges box - see here and what an amazing box that was! I'm sad to have finished this all-in-one colour corrector, primer, brightener and serum. Sure to pick it up again sometime soon.

bodhi Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil 30ml - one of my favourite face oils...ever! See my review here. I've super-happy I've got a replacement for this one! A product I'll buy again and again. Love it.

Dr Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Wash 10ml - one I've tried a couple of times in this size. A really lovely moisturising body wash and one I'd buy full size.

Pure Thoughts Tangerine & Jojoba Whipped Shea Butter 45g - another product I love. I think this was my third pot. Be sure to add it to my stash again as it smells fantastic and super moisturises the skin. Packaging has now changed to a handy tin.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash 20ml and Body Oil 10ml - absolutely adore the Sea Buckthorn scent. It's so uplifting and refreshing. These went on my wishlist for #NoBuyJanuary week 1.  See my review here.

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Morning Eye Rescue 1.5ml - loved this eye cream. Would be keen to try a bigger sample.

Swell Advanced Volumising Shampoo 50ml and Advanced Volumising Conditioner 50ml - these were nice to use and I'd happily purchase them again.

Myroo Mint Tea Polishing Body Scrub 300g* - I loved this minty and invigorating scrub. One I'd definitely use again.  Myroo Mint Tea Bath Fizz 160g*. This was really lovely to use and made bath time a pleasure. See my review here.

bodhi Jasmine Falls Relaxing Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml - One of my favourite bodhi products so sure to purchase again.  See my initial review here. This particular one I got as a present from hubby. Will definitely buy again.

Skinlikes Natural Deodorant 70ml* - my favourite deodorant. Will buy it again. You can see my review here

Gielly Green Hand & Body Wash 50ml x 2 - love this body wash. Will buy again.  See my review here.

bare innocence Essence of Vali Balance Massage & Bath Oil sample* - loved this! See my review here.

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap Rose - this was okay but prefer the peppermint scent. Wouldn't buy this particular one again.

Savonnerie Gardeners Therapy Botanical Hand Wash 250ml* - this was lovely to use.  See my review here.

OV Naturals Rose Geranium Harmonising Organic Facial Oil 10ml* - this was fab to use and I'd consider buying it.  See my review here.

balance Me Supertoning Body Wash 100ml - this was nice enough but I didn't love the scent so wouldn't buy.

Hairy Jayne Light Conditioner 30ml - again, nice enough to use but I preferred the cream conditioner. See the set I picked up here.

One Love Skin Saviour Sample - this multi-purpose beauty balm was quite nice - you can use it as a cleanser, moisturiser or to mix with mineral foundation. There are other balms I prefer so wouldn't buy.

Therapie Cherish Skin Repair Serum 30ml - simply loved this beautiful body serum.  The aromatics used deliver a gorgeous scent but also have healing and regenerating properties. Definitely one I'll buy again (in full size!)

What have you been using up this month?

*PR samples


  1. Wow and I thought I was using up quite a lot of products, this is one impressive list x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I normally use about this amount! I had lots of odds and ends to use up x

  2. I'm impressed how you managed to get through this much stuff :-) Good brands here - Pure Thoughts, Bodhi, Myroo, Dr Bronner - favourites with me as well

    1. some half used bottles always helps! x

  3. wow you have used so much! I love reading posts like this and hearing peoples honest opinions on products they have fully used up!

    1. Me too! I love reading empties posts x

  4. You used up alot of products! I love reading empties posts :)

  5. Snap! I used up the Bodhi Desert Rose Face Oil this month too - almost cried when it ran out! Great post :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. oh no! I'd be upset if I ran out! Thanks x

  6. You have used up so much this month. I had a little bottle of the Gielly Green hand &body lotion and really liked it x

    1. Lots were things half used. Satisfying to use them up. I'm a huge fan of all the Gielly Green products x

  7. Wow well done for using all this up! I hardly ever use things up...proves I need to stop buying more when I don't need it haha!

  8. Iove the deoderant! I think i may have to purchase when mine finishes :) x