Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Live Native Sample Sizes

Danny at Holistic Green Beauty is a huge fan of Live Native products.  You can see his fantastic reviews here.

I chose three samples sizes from the website to try out - see here.

Vicky Ewbank grew up on Skye and began to make her own skincare products in 2005. She drew on 20 years experience working in the natural health industry as a homoeopath and nutritionist.

Products are handmade using clean, fresh and pure ingredients. They are blended in a raw state - cold pressed or squeezed directly from living plants.  Heat free blending ensures that active enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Phytonutrients and Antioxidants remain intact.

Products are free from mineral oil, hydrogenated oils, colouring, phthalates, parabens, petroleum, alcohol, water or stabilisers. No animal products or animal testing.

Live Native supports Fair Trade - for example, they buy Virgin Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka which in turn helps families rebuild their lives following the 2004 Tsunami. Seaweed is harvested responsibly - it's cut in such a way that it encourages regrowth.

Here's what I chose to try:

Essential Earth Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser - (5ml - £5, 30ml - £24.60, 100ml £48)

This cleanser contains Rhassoul Clay which removes dirt and oil, Silica rich oats which exfoliate and Lemongrass which regulates oil production.  Can be used morning and evening and regular use will help cleanse clogged pores.

To use: hold a warmed wet cloth to your face to relax pores. Do this step three times.  Mix a little of the cleanser in the palm of your hand with a little warm water and then roll the paste onto your face.  Make sure you keep rolling and don't scrub.  The clay will attract and absorb daily grime.  After a minute rinse.

I've really enjoyed using this cleanser - it is different from anything I've ever used before!  It has a lovely lemongrass scent and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Essential Beauty Serum - (2ml - £5, 20ml - £39.99)

100% raw and organic and high in antioxidants.  It rejuvenates, replenishes and restores suppleness.  Suitable for all skin types.  Packed full of organic oils including Argan, Sea Buckthorn and Sunflower and scented with a mixture of essential oils including rose otto, chamomile and sandalwood.

To use: after cleansing and toning apply 3 drops to the skin massaging it all over your face and neck.  Can be used alone or follow with moisturiser.

I simply loved this oil.  I found it nourishing and I enjoyed using it. Leaves the skin radiant and renewed.  This was my favourite of the three and one I'll definitely buy at some point.

Essential Woman Frangipani Fresh Moisturiser - (5ml - £7.50, 30ml - £31.80, 100ml - £63.99)

This moisturiser is suitable for use on the face and body (you know I adore a multi-purpose product!)  Scented with Frangipani and Rose Oil which makes it both exotic and therapeutic.  Simply gorgeous!

To use: apply to the face and body daily. Suitable for all skin types.

I loved this! I found it quite serum like and it melted into the skin easily leaving it soft and delicately scented.

Have you used any Live Native products? If so, what are your favourites?

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  1. Ohh another exciting looking brand xxx Jen xxx

  2. Sounds great, plus I love when companies offer samples like this! Off to give the site a browse now :)

    1. I know I love samples sizes too x

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    1. Thanks! I'll go check out your blog x

  4. As you mention, I too know of this brand via Danny, always sounds lovely but yet to get around to trying something, I do like how they offer samples

    1. Simply adore companies that offer samples x

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    1. haha sure you'd love these products x

  6. I have used their moisturiser before, great brand xx