Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Books

I've only managed two books this month!

The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani - I simply loved this book!

It tells the story of two brothers Ciro and Eduardo, young Italian brothers who grow up in a Convent in the Italian Alps.

One day, Ciro meets Enza a local girl and they find they have a great connection. Enza falls instantly in love.  Ciro discovers something he shouldn't and is sent away from Italy to America where he becomes an apprentice shoemaker. Eduardo takes the path to become a Priest.

Enza never forgets Ciro and one day she and her father take the voyage to America in order to make money so that the family can build their own house in the mountains.

Ciro and Enzo's paths keep crossing but always at the wrong time.  Enzo works as a seamstress at the Metropolitan Opera House. Finally when they seem to be getting together at last Ciro heads off to fight in WW1.   

"As their destinies intertwine, and the world they know is changed irrevocably by war, the two must decide if their future lies together or apart.."

Simply loved this book - if you enjoy a story you can get lost in you'll love this book.  Also recommend Lucia, Lucia and The Big Stone Gap Trilogy.

My second book is Taking Minutes of Meetings  by Joanna Gutmann - a really informative book if you have to take minutes.  I recently went on a one day course run by Joanna which was really valuable.  See the courses here.  The book covers arranging meetings, preparing the Agenda, style, structure and layout, the Minutes, sections of a meeting, taking notes, writing up Minutes, recording decisions and actions and different types of meetings.

What have you been reading this month?


  1. The shoemakers wife looks really good. I've recently finished Anil's Ghost and am currently half way through The Butterfly Cabinet which I'm loving x

    1. It's just fabulous! ooh I'll look them up x

  2. The Shoemakers Wife looks great! I'm going to be adding that to my reading list!! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

    1. Sure you'd love it. I just couldn't put it down x