Saturday, 1 September 2012

Harpers Bazaar Magazine - October

October's Harper's Bazaar comes with a Beauty supplement.  I know I'll get hours of enjoyment reading it!  Had a quick flip through it and loads of things I want to add to my wishlist.  Also included is a sachet of Dior foundation.

If you quote "BAZAAR" at the Creme de La Mer counter you will be able to get a free 7ml trial size of the new Creme de La Mer Soft Cream - while stocks last.


  1. This is why I love your blog so much - you always direct me to the best places to get the best deals and know exactly which magazines etc are going to prove worth their money! Thank you for this... I'm going to try to blag my boyfriend into buying it for me :) xxx

    1. Thank you :) Hope you manage to get him to buy! x

  2. I love it when magazines have a special extra mag just for beauty stuff! x

  3. I will definitely be checking this out! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! x

  4. I might look at that, as Vogue for September isn't too inspiring.

    Ali x