Thursday, 5 July 2012

Elle & Harper's Bazaar Magazine Freebies - St Tropez & NEOM

Some more great magazine freebies! My Elle magazine got a bit wet in the downpour yesterday.  With Elle there is a free St Tropez Gradual Tan - Everyday Body Moisturiser in two shades - I picked up the light/medium (75ml) and in Harper's Bazaar there is a NEOM Hand Cream in a choice of two scents - I picked Complete Blush - Moroccan Blush Rose (50ml) and it's worth £15!  If the magazine wasn't so expensive I might have bought another!  

The hand cream is gorgeous - scented with moroccan rose, lime and black pepper and is super-moisturising.  The full size of 75ml retails at £20.

Also in Elle there was a sachet of Lancome Genifique (2ml).  I love a freebie  (or two).  In Elle magazine next month there is a free Jemma Kidd eyeliner in a choice of three shades.

Just the Glamour Balance Me freebies to go.  Do you think you will pick up any of these magazines?

p.s. I almost forgot about Instyle's offers this month - out today - a free Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill sample size mascara (it's fab) and a Shiseido Cleanser! 


  1. Got 2 neom hams creams, the 4 balance me, the REN and looking forward for shisheido and Armani
    Not sure about self tanning x

  2. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    way to many good freebies this month!:D

  3. Great freebies this month! xxxx


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    1. definitely. Ooh will check out your post x