Sunday, 15 July 2012

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream

In 1986, Jane Wurwand, a UK Trained Skin Therapist who was living and working in America developed her own skin health range - Dermalogica.  Initially, the products were only available from Skin Therapy Professionals but now the products are widely available instore, from spas and online.

The packaging is quite plain but the products really effective.  Free from lanolin, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colour and fragrance.

If you go for a Dermalogica facial the therapist will map your face and give you a skin care analysis where they will decode your skin zone by zone and suggest products which will suit your skin.

I picked up this product last November! - and I have just started using it.  A light cream with hydroxyl acids (sugar cane, apple and lactic acid) which slough off dead skin cells while you moisture - I love a multi-purpose product!  It's great for dry areas of skin and lightly scented.

For extra hydration and wellbeing add a pump of Stress Relief Treatment Oil (smells amazing) into the cream before applying to the skin.

I also love Daily Microfoliant and Treatment Foundation.  Do you use any Dermalogica products?


  1. I have used Dermalogica products, and I like them. Would love to find out how you liked yours.

    Beauty, Fashion and Seattle

    1. :) they are really effective aren't they x

  2. I haven't really used any Dermalogica products much although I have had a Dermalogica facial before and was very impressed. x

  3. I use the demalogica face spray toner, and it feels so nice, if you havent already i heartily recommend it.

    Found through BBU :)