Monday, 5 March 2012

Suggestions for my next giveaway!

I'm just looking for some suggestions for my next giveaway!   I'm going to be doing one with two prizes - one UK and one International - so, I'd like some suggestions of things you'd like to win. I am thinking along the lines of a lipstick/other make up product or some item you'd like that you can't get in the USA/Canada or other location - which I am able to ship without any additional charges (to you) x


  1. I love natural/organic products :). I know that I have a hard time finding the BECCA brush soap here in the US... And I love the RITUALS products, not available in the US, even if they're not natural...And they've got great stuff.

  2. Hi Sandra --- love your blog.

    Maybe you can make a poll.. I am doing that :o) Have a beautiful day

    1. Oh good idea :) thanks! following you now too x