Sunday, 30 October 2011


I love notebooks but buy too many!

I always have one in my bag for jotting down blog ideas, recipes, notes and websites I want to visit.

My favourite one at the moment is the "Love Notebook" from Jan Constantine which I got from John Lewis for £8 - a great handbag size!


  1. that is definitely a collection to be proud of, so glad i'm not the only one who does this! :) xx

  2. I looove notebooks as well though I gave up having one in my bag here in London. too heavy hahaa

    just take some extra paper to take my notes =)

    Anyways, these ones you got are beautiful =)

  3. @Beth & @Livia, thanks! xxx

  4. Notebooks are great! Yours look so cute :)
    I have one from Paperchase which I use as a scrap book. I cut out all the bits from magazines I want to keep and stick them in the book then I don't end up with loads of magazines lying around! Xx

  5. @Claire Louise, I really love that idea as I've always got magazines lying around (huge pile beside my bed and in the magazine rack in the living room) x