Thursday, 16 July 2015

Trill Seasons Box: Summer

Like forever I have wanted a Trill Farm Seasons Box which comes out every season and is filled with goodies from the farm. The summer box was delivered yesterday (I took a day off work to await it's arrival!) I love the packaging of hay/straw and cardboard all of which is recyclable - nice touch!

The box is divided into: Foods, Health & Beauty and Home & Garden. A single season box costs £75 including P&P.

BBQ Sauce (Foods) is made from oak smoked onions, chilli and rhubarb and is perfect to use with BBQ meat. Tastes delicious.

Elderflower Cordial (Foods) this cordial has been made with elderflowers and rhubarb picked from the farm. Mix it with fizzy water or fizzy wine for a delicious summertime drink.

Vegetable Notecards (Home & Garden) these pretty cards with envelopes all have a recipe printed on them which celebrate the season's bounty. They are printed on recycled paper.

Garlic (Foods) two pungent first of the season bulbs of garlic from the veg garden.

Summer Lavender Soap (Health & Beauty) a lovely lavender soap which calms and soothes both the body and mind. Made with Organic Oils and herbal extracts direct from Trill Farm.  The soap is gentle enough to use on the face.

Summer Salt Seasoning (Foods) salt which is scented with fennel and preserved blood orange this salt is perfect for seasoning fish or using as a dip for garden crudites.

Summer Relief Spray (Health & Beauty) this is perfect for spritzing on bites, grazes and stings. It cools and soothes.

Summer Body Balm (Health & Beauty) a rich and deliciously scented body balm which is made using extracts from Trill Farm plants and a mix of essential oils to create the "essence of summer".

Citronella Candle (Home & Garden) great for keeping bugs at bay as you enjoy summer evenings in the garden. Hand made on the farm using Devon beeswax and citronella essential oil.

Barley Crackers (Foods) made with barley flour, local stoneground rye, caraway, sesame and nigella seeds. Rustic and delicious.

Living Salad (Home & Garden) three living salad plants which can be grown on the windowsill but are happiest in the garden. I put mine in my allotment yesterday afternoon.

Summer Honey (Foods) a raw and unfiltered honey with subtle delicious flavour.

Summer Tea (Foods) delicious tea which can be drunk hot or cold. Includes rose, lemon, verbena, elderflower and blue mallow. Celebrates the flavours of the season.

I'm really thrilled with my box of goodies and looking forward to trying and tasting.  See the website HERE and follow on Twitter @trill_farm.


  1. Ooh this looks like a great box!

  2. Superb!!! undertsanding now why you want happy to get it!x

  3. What a wonderful box of goodies!! Love your blog!

    1. It's amazing! I've been loving trying everything out. Thanks so much x