Friday, 10 July 2015

TeaTox Skinny Detox 14 Day Plan

I was recently sent TeaTox Skinny Detox 14 Day Plan (£19.90)* to review. The kit contains Good Morning Tea and Good Night Tea which are made with cleansing herbs with detoxifying properties. The teas are designed to help you get into shape, loose weight and detox.

The company was founded by friends Felix Ilse and Michael Decker who met at school. On a school trip they discovered their interest and love of tea. Further researches later and they joined forces created TeaTox which was launched in 2013 in Berlin.

The Good Morning blend is designed to waken you up and kick start your day. It can also help to suppress any hunger pangs.  It has a delicious fruity taste. It contains things like Lemongrass, Green Mate Leaves, Ginger Root and Nettle. It's a ritual I've been enjoying first thing and I can honestly say it stops my mid-morning munching!  Brew it in a cup or pot before breakfast.

Good Night Tea is best drunk after dinner or just before bed as it has a soothing effect on the digestion and mind. It contains ingredients which calm and is delicious.  Lemon Balm calms while Peppermint, Hibiscus and Yarrow help with the digestion.  The tea also helps promote restful sleep.

Pick up yours HERE.

*PR sample


  1. Very interested in this and it's a good price too x

    1. I'm pretty sure it would be something you'd like x