Sunday, 28 June 2015

Travalo Classic Refillable Fragrance Portable Spray

The Travalo Refillable Fragrance Portable Spray (5ml)* is perfect for carrying your favourite perfume around. It's just the right size to take to festivals, on holiday and for everyday use. It's a refillable shatterproof spray and you'll get 65 sprays each time you fill it.

I've been filling mine with Chanel Sycomore EDT. Filling is really easy - take the spray top off your perfume and fit to to the Genie-S pump. Pump it a few times and the bottle fills. The see through window lets you know when the spray bottle is full.

The inner bottle can be removed and is interchangeable - so you can choose the colour of your case to meet your mood. There are 10 colours available.

Buy direct from or from Debenhams. RRP is £12.50 or buy 2 for £25.

*PR sample


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2015

    What a great idea! I have a bottle of perfume which doesn't spray correctly so I could decant it into this. Thanks!

    Tracey xx

    1. It's really fab, lightweight and easy to carry around. Would highly recommend x