Sunday, 17 May 2015

Galvanina Party

I was recently sent some delicious Italian Galvanina 100% natural fruit drinks* which are made from organic fruit juices and sparkling spring water from Come Round.

Included were both full (750ml - £2.87)* and small sizes (355ml - £1.59)* of the delicious drink which I drank alone and in cocktails inviting a few friends around to indulge too! Flavours in the range are: Red Grapefruit - which is slightly bitter and sweet and very thirst quenching, Sicilian Clementine - with a fresh and fruity flavour, Sicilian Lemon - bursting with citrus and sherbet notes and it's perfect with a shot of vodka and Sicilian Ruby Orange - this is zesty and perfect with a shot of Campari or Prosecco. See more details HERE. You can buy the drinks at Waitrose.

I was also sent a party pack to help my party go with a swing.

I also sent a couple of tweets see HERE and HERE and turned the pretty empty Galvanina bottle into a single flower vase.

Have you tried Galvanina yet?

*PR samples


  1. These sound lovely, the party pack looks fab, I imagine you had fun!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

    1. They are delicious! Much fun was had x

  2. I have never heard of this brand before but I will definitely look out for it. I would definitely like to try the Sicilian Ruby Orange or the Lemon variety.

    1. It's just new and exclusive to Waitrose just now. Delicious x