Monday, 13 April 2015

Fragrance Foundation 2015 Awards: The Library of Fragrance

Baby Powder (Female) and Thunderstorm (Male) from The Library of Fragrance are both up for awards in the 'People's Choice' category of the Fragrance Foundation 2015 Awards. You can vote HERE. If you vote you will be entered into a competition to win a goodie bag of fragrance products worth £250! Voting closes on Wednesday 22 April.

I was sent two samples (both 15ml worth £15) to review. These are The Library of Fragrance best-sellers. The perfumes have no artificial colours, binders, emulsifiers and are phthalates and paraben free.  The alcohol used in the scents is naturally fermented from corn.

Baby Powder smells just like Johnson's Baby Powder and is a comforting and soothing scent.  It makes you feel cosseted and cared for whereas Thunderstorm is earthy and captures the electricity and raindrops of a summer storm!

400 Boots stores sell 28 best-selling scents and 600 stores sell 7 top sellers. You can buy 101 scent direct from The Library of Fragrance.

Have you tried any colognes from The Library of Fragrance? What's your favourites?

*PR samples


  1. I can't get enough of the baby powder scent - really love it! x

    1. I surprised I like it so much!! x