Sunday, 15 June 2014

Vivid Matcha Drinks

I was recently sent a selection of Vivid Matcha*, a delicious range of drinks made with Matcha Tea to try and review.

Founder James discovered Matcha while working at an artisan tea company in Japan.  At home he blended a drink of Matcha, Lime, Ginger & Honey for his brother and it tasted so good. With a few adjustments to the recipe Vivid Matcha was launched in 2013 along with two other flavours - Pear & Rhubarb and Grape & Elderflower.

Matcha is the world's most powerful form of green tea. It combines L-Theanine, natural Caffeine and antioxidants which help to improve concentration and wellbeing. I've been drinking Vivid Matcha in the afternoon as it's a great pick me up. (I've ditched the chocolate!)

The drinks cost £1.85 for 330ml and contain 3/4 of a gram of Matcha.  You can buy from a whole range of stockists - see here.  The flavours are fantastic and I can honestly say I've not got a favourite!  Make sure to chill before drinking and once opened keep in the fridge and drink within 24 hours.

Lime, Ginger & Honey - a delicious blend of matcha, zesty lime, warming ginger and soothing honey. A great little pick me up.

Pear & Rhubarb - with matcha, sweet pear and tangy rhubarb - yum.

Grape & Elderflower - I took this one over to the plot with me last weekend. It has delicious fruity floral notes.

Have you tried Vivid Matcha?

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*PR samples


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2014

    Mmmm these sound delish. And ur right, would make a great pick me up in the afternoons xx

  2. Ooh, these sound delicious! What lovely flavours x

    1. They are gorgeous & the flavours are all lovely x

  3. i like the sound of these, very refreshing xx

  4. They look more like a fruit juice than your average green tea. I like the sound of the pear and rhubarb best x

    1. They've definitely got a tea-like taste. It's delish x

  5. Ooooo these sound so good! I want to try them, matcha is so good for you!

  6. These sound so refreshing and yummy, will check them out! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves