Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pink's Boutique Rose Wellbeing Box

I recently picked up this cute little two uses luxury stocking filler box at Naturisimo. It is quite pricey at £13.50 but is exquisitely presented and would make a gorgeous small present - I know I'd love to receive it!

So what's inside?

Rose Crystal Bath Soak 5g - Himalayan mineral crystal bath soak which are infused with a signature organic blend of rose essential oils.

Real Dried Roses

Rosehip Face & Body Scrub 5ml - containing crushed rosehip kernals which remove dead skin cells and polish the skin. 

Rose Face & Body Balm 5ml - A "superfood" nourishing balm for use in the evening.  A rose infused shea butter balm which can be used on both face and body.

Fill the bath and pour in the Rose Crystal Bath Soak and sprinkle the roses into the water.  Whilst soaking use the scrub on your face and chest. Remove with a warmed damp muslin cloth. Relax. 

Get out of the bath and pat yourself dry before applying the balm to both face and body.

Best used just before bedtime.  This is a great little tester set because now I know I want to try some more Pink's Boutique products. The bath soak smells simply gorgeous. I had a really restful night's sleep after using it.  The Face & Body scrub contains fine particles making this a super gentle scrub for sensitive skins. The Rose Face & Body Balm is simply pure luxury. Smelling of roses (one of my favourite scents) it melts easily into the skin.

Have you used any Pink's Boutique products?  What do you suggest I try next?


  1. Beautiful packaging and who wouldn't want to soak in a bath of real rose petals! x

  2. Aw this sounds lovely! Would love to get this as a gift :)
    www.lydiarosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  3. Replies
    1. I know! So feminine and girly x

  4. That looks a beautiful gift set. I would be very happy to receive that too x

    1. It's lovely I'm sure you'd love it x

  5. Oh my, what a treat! :-) How lovely xx