Sunday, 26 June 2016

Naturisimo: Hello Gorgeous Hair Discovery Box Ltd Edition

I think this is Naturisimo's best discovery box yet! Packed full of gorgeous haircare products and costing only £12.95 (worth £37.00) and it also includes 3 new launches!


Evolve Superfood Shine Shampoo (60ml) and matching Conditioner (60ml) which are great for normal to dry hair types. I've tried these a few times so far and they left my hair feeling healthy, smooth and shiny. 

Swell Hair Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum (30ml) this is a great size to be included in the box as it will last for ages. You only need the tiniest amount to smoothe and nourish the hair. Use on wet hair before blowdrying or afterwards to smooth. Bit of a fan of this one!

I'm already a huge fan of John Masters Organics Rose & Apricot Hair Milk (30ml) which is a fantastic size. I'm packing this one for holidays. See my review HERE.

I've not tried much from Intelligent Nutrients - included in the box is a Volumising Spray (60ml) which helps add a bit of a lift to the hair. This give incredible volume. Love it.

The final item is a 10ml sachet of John Masters Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel which adds volume, shine and texture.

Do you think you'll pick a box up? Hurry, because I think these ones will jump from the shelves!

I must mention Naturisimo's new packaging which is all recyclable (or re-usable) even the tissue paper!



  1. Yet another fabulous discovery box from Naturisimo. I love the sound of the John Masters. Tx

    1. I think this is my favourite one yet! The JMO product is fab! x