Friday, 9 October 2015

Complement Your Health: Fragrance Experience

10 years ago Alison at Complement Your Health created a wedding scent for me. Perfumes I loved back then were Angel, Angel Innocence, Dior Addict, Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne and Issey Miyake - some of these still make it onto my dressing table today!

My wedding perfume consisted of top notes of Citrus, Green and Fruity, middle notes of gentle floral with a musky base.

Alison invited me back to see if I'd create a similar perfume* or to see if my tastes have now changed.

You can book for an individual one-to-one which is a real luxe experience (£80 - link) or buy a voucher to attend a group session - see more info here. I've done both the individual sessions and the group session - both are a lot of fun!

What happens next is that you get to smell all 18 perfume notes which are designed by Francois Robert, Master Perfumer at the Perfume Studio. The idea is you smell and decide if you love, hate or are unsure. The coffee beans are great to clear your nose in between.

Alison will help to guide you to create your perfect scent. Perfumes I listed as currently loving were Shay & Blue Watermelons, TARDES by Carner and Tom Ford Santal Blush.

The notes which I ended up loving were - Top: Citrus, Middle: Fresh Floral, Rose Floral and Spicy with Base notes: of Woody, Balsamic and Amber. After some deliberation and elimination the perfume I created had no top notes and is comprised of:

Rose (double amount) (M), Fresh Floral (M), Spicy (M) with Amber (B). It really is a stunning scent and contains notes I really love. I think you will see my tastes have changed since 2005!

And here is the finished result! 

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  1. Oh so much fun! I never got into fragrance until brands started sending me stuff and I got to meet a few noses. Have you read the Jean-Claude Elena book? It's a great read.

    1. It was a really good day :) I've always been a bit of an addict and enjoy trying niche brands (I had my London shopping trip all planned out!) I'll definitely check the book out.