Saturday, 22 August 2015

Spending Ban: Update & Wants #2

I had a teeny tiny spend in Sephora Paris. But I'd factored that in to my Spending ban rules. It would have been easy to buy up the shop! haha - next time!

As I've been away I've not really been tempted by any online deals (whew) but I do have a few wants which I'll be adding to the wishlist - I'll come back to them at the end of my ban and see if I still really do want them. You can see my initial post about the ban HERE.

Here's what I would have bought this week:

G Baldwin & Co Revitalising Bath Salts (310g - £7.49) - these revitalising salts are enriched with Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oils to revive and awaken both the mind and body. 

OA Face Oil by PLANT (9.5fl oz - £26.95) - I adore facial oils with Sea Buckthorn in them. This oil is suitable for Normal/Combination skins and you can pick it up at a beautiful world

Savon Stories Rose & Geranium with Rose Petals Castile Soap (£9) - I first became aware of these beautiful soaps when Galina over at A Curious Russian in London tweeted about them. They look super gorgeous and if I'm honest I want them all! See the full range available here.

African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil (£60 - 60ml) - a luxe facial treatment scented with Neroli which helps balance, brighten and restore. Bet this smells gorgeous!

Look out for my further updates and shopping my stash posts. Have you tried any of the above products?


  1. I was looking at the OA face oils this week and am very tempted by this. I am seriously thinking of doing another spending ban too x

    1. They look so good. You should. I'm mainly doing it as hubby bet I couldn't but I do have lots of lovely products to use so won't be deprived and it will be nice to make a proper dent in the stash! x

  2. Sephora is my favourite pace to shop - loving the pictures from your holiday x

    1. I agree I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Thanks so much x