Friday, 12 December 2014

Trinket Pixie SunCatchers

My friend Magi alerted me to the beautiful SunCatchers that Caroline at Trinket Pixie makes. (as well as gorgeous silver jewellery and bunting). You can see more on the Website and on Facebook.

I bought the larger one with the beach huts (£17.50 plus P&P) although I picked my parcel up locally.  Caroline very kindly gifted me the mini boat* one - thanks again Caroline!  They come with two metal clips and clear craft string for hanging.

I'm looking forward to summer time! (ignore my grimy winter windows!).

The parcel was cutely wrapped too in brown paper with raffia and a little heart making it ideal for gifting.



  1. We have one too and it's much commented on ! Caroline will try and do exactly what you want.

    1. So pretty! Looking forward to seeing your specially commissioned one! x