Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wellgreen Lewes

Wellgreen Lewes is a small natural beauty company which is based in Lewes in East Sussex.  The products are made in Amanda's home, a historic house which dates from 1542 and it nestles under Lewes Castle.

I first came across Amanda and her beautiful products via someone I follow on Twitter.  I noticed a tweet mentioning Wellgreen Lewes and went to glad I did!

Amanda distills flowers, herbs, leaves and roots in her Alembic Still.  She is also a Homeopath, a mother of six and a birth doula.  She uses the flower waters and essential oils she makes in as many of her home made products as possible.

The products are simply gorgeous - skincare and body products which have no additives, preservatives, artificial scents or colours.

Amanda makes handmade soaps, creams, body butters, salt scrubs, flower waters and lip balms. See the shop here.

I bought a variation on the Sussex Rose Basket - £28 (normally includes Rose Body Mist, Rose Lip Balm, Rose Parfum & Rose Soap).

The basket is gorgeous, unique and will be really useful.  It is made from wild reed in Cyprus and woven by friends of Amanda's to exact specifications with a low rim. It came beautifully wrapped in tissue and tied with a ribbon (P&P is £8)

Rose Body Butter 70g (£12)
This featured in my June: Lately I've been Loving - see here. This is simply the most luxurious and indulgent body butter I've ever used!  Rub a small amount in the palms of your hands - the heat of your hand will turn into an oil making it easy to gently rub onto the body. It super moisturises the skin, leaving it with a light rosy scent. Suitable for sensitive skins too. Contains pure rose oil, shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil and Vitamin E.

Rose Lip Balm (£3.75)
Packed full of nourishing oils, shea butter, beeswax, runny honey and rose. It nourishes and softens the skin.  This is made for Quince Flower Shop in Brighton. Presented in an oval container in a little organza bag - perfect for a thoughtful little gift.

Rose Soap 90g (£5)
Home distilled rose water is the basis for this soap (it smells glorious) along with pure rose oil and Olive and Coconut Oils.  The soap takes 5 weeks to cure. It is wrapped and tied with ribbon. Leaves the skin clean, moisturised and smelling of roses.

Rose Body Mist (£8)
This is made with home distilled rose water, mineral water and rose essential oil. Perfect for misting the body on a hot day or to lightly scent the skin. Would be perfect kept in the fridge.

You can see the shop here
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Amanda's sister Judith live in Stratford-upon-Avon and sells and makes soaps at Shakespeare's Sister.


  1. Lovely post, rosé scented products always catch my attention xxx

  2. I LOVE the body butter, I wish I had placed a bigger order, but will definitely be back for the body spray too now, what a fantastic discovery Sandra! xx

    1. So glad you love it Ana! Definitely great finding Amanda and her gorgeous products x

  3. Oh wow! That body butter souds like a dream! I really want to try this brand! And the soap looks so luxurious too.

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    1. It is absolutely gorgeous can't recommend the products highly enough. x

  4. The products look so lovely, and the packaging is gorgeous! Will have to check out the site being a rose addict :) x

    1. They are beautiful - if you order a body butter it is freshly made for you :) x

  5. Oh these look lovely! I'm a huge fan of rose scents. Would make a beautiful gift for someone too x

    1. The products are just gorgeous you'd love them x