Wednesday, 29 May 2013

111 SKIN

A few weeks ago I was sent these 111SKIN products to try out and review - Ground Control NAC YAnti-Acne Tonic* (130ml - £40), Nocturnal Eclipse NAC YFacelift Intracellular Repair Cream* (50ml - £155).  I was also sent sachets of Y Theorem NAC YFacelift Repair Serum*, Space Anti-Age NAC YFacelift Day Cream* and Space Defence NAC Y2 Bright Eye Lift Gel*.

The range has been created by Dr Yannis Alexandrides who is the founder, director and head of practice at 111 Harley Street.  He has more than 20 years experience in craniofacial surgery and facial rejuvenation.

I first tried sachets of the serum and day cream in Latest in Beauty's Pampering Stocking Filler Box.

"111SKIN combines Dr Alexandrides' knowledge of accelerating the skin's healing process with space scientists expertise in discovering ingredients that protect skin against environmental damage - whether in space, high altitude or urban setting".  You can read more about NAC Y2 here.

The collection detoxes, moisturises and regenerates the skin making it more supple and radiant.  Products are paraben, parrafin and sulphate free.

Ground Control NAC YAnti acne Tonic 130ml*

The tonic contains NAC Y2 with Saw Palmetto and Benzyl Alcohol which helps to cleanse skin prone to breakouts.  The tonic helps to minimise excess oils leaving the skin clearer and renewed.  I've been using the tonic on my t-zone applying it with a cotton pad. I've found my skin looks clearer and I've suffered fewer breakouts since using it.  A best seller at Harrods.  I'll definitely purchase this as it has made a difference to how my skin looks.

Nocturnal Eclipse NAC Y2 Facelift Intracellular Repair Cream 50ml*

This night cream contains NAC Y2 formula with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Phospholipids.  The Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and smooths out fine lines. The Phospholipids act as a reservoir for delivery of essential nutrients to the skin.  Using this night cream ensures fresher and younger looking skin by morning.  This is the best night cream I've ever used.  It is a light cream which melts into the skin.  My skin looks radiant and refreshed.

Y Theorem NAC Y2 Facelift Repair Serum sachets - the serum contains the most NAC Y2  formula along with Aminocaproic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen and 20 key Amino Acids.  The serum boosts collagen production and supports cell regeneration and elasticity.  Apply sparingly to the face and neck before applying day or night cream. This is a "virtual facelift" which leaves the skin radiant and revitalised.  

Space Anti-Age NAC Y2 Facelift Day Cream sachets - contains NAC Yformula with an antioxidant booster, Vitamins C, A, E, F and H.  These help to repair the skin, increase collagen production and make the skin look fresher and brighter.

Space Defence NAC Y2 Bright Eye Lift Gel sachets - contains NAC YCopper Chlorophyll, Caffeine and Phytonutrients to give an instant eye lift.  Use AM and PM to reduce dark circles and puffiness and to reduce fine lines.

My favourites from the sachets were the Day Cream and the Eye Gel.

Have you used any 111SKIN products before?

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  1. Wow! This sounds amazing! The tonic and repair serum sounds great. :-)

    1. They are simply fab products highly recommend! x

  2. Sounds fab hun xx

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  3. Love the sound of these - pricey, but if they work, then great! x